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Yes, No, & Maybe by Wendy Pope

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, is this as good as it gets?


Sometimes when life feels routine, we succumb to the weariness of every unmet expectation, unfulfilled dream, and unanswered prayer. In Yes, No, & Maybe, Wendy Pope takes you on a journey with Paul to discover anew his call to live the life Jesus died to give -- the immeasurably more life. Along the way, you'll discover three words that can revitalize your relationship with Christ: yes, no, and maybe.


As Wendy writes, a woman's heartfelt

  • Yes cultivates an unbreakable trust with God
  • No invites revelation into who God designed her to be
  • Maybe welcomes the freedom to confidently love, give, and serve in God's kingdom.


The immeasurably more life is waiting for you! Because with God, life gets better and better.

Yes, No, & Maybe by Wendy Pope

SKU: 9780781413565
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