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In Over Your Head by Susie Larson

Creating Balance and Finding Peace in the Busy


"Do you spend your days rushing from one task to the next, frantically checking things off your list? It's easy to become so consumed with keeping it all together that you forget to seek God's plan for your life. He has a much better vision for you -- fulfillment and peace that only His grace can provide.


Author, speaker, and radio host Susie Larson helps you find balance within your hectic life. You will learn that being at your best doesn't mean taking on every task, and meaningful satisfaction can't be bought with a completed to-do list. Be inspired to move past halfhearted living and second bests into a kingdom of rejuvenation, health, and eternal nourishment.


Let this book encourage you to cultivate balance and savor moments of work and rest -- both of which God has lovingly created."


In Over Your Head by Susie Larson

SKU: 9780736973755
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