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God in His Own Image by Syd Brestel

God in His Own Image is a book which prompts readers to think critically about both the kindness and severity which God brings to us as our protector. A thought-provoking and inspirational Christian text.


"Loving God for who He is... Not who we want Him to be"


"It's easy to speak to others about the Jesus who cared for the poor and healed the sick. But what about the God who tells the Israelites to kill entire people groups? Can these really be the same God?


The simple answer is, yes. The Bible tells of God's great mercy and great severity. God in His Own Image takes you on a journey to see why both God's compassion and His wrath are necessary, important, and even beautiful.


Get to know the God who is both Lion and Lamb, both kind and severe... And perfect in every way."

God in His Own Image by Syd Brestel

SKU: 9780802419033
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