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Girl Talk Guy Talk by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting

Girls say 20,000 words a day... Guys say 7,000 words a day... So, how do we talk to each other?


"Have you ever felt totally confused by the opposite sex?


You can talk to guys or girls all day, but it doesn't even seem like you're speaking the same language. Girl Talk Guy Talk is here to help, with more than 50 devotions each for guys and girls that can show you how to build the communication skills you need to have healthy relationships.


Take the Communication Quotient Quiz to see how you rate, and then tackle topics like how to behave on a date, cope with rejection, handle yourself in text messages or online, have hard conversations, and live out your faith in a culture saturated by the world's values. With stories, checklists, factiods, and skill-building tips, authors Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting will encourage and equip you to understand how the opposite sex is wired and how to build healthy, lasting relationships." 

Girl Talk Guy Talk by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting

SKU: 9781496417862
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