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Acres of Diamonds by Jentzen Franklin

Discovering God's Best Right Where You Are


"Are you in a season of life when every search for direction, encouragement or fulfillment seems to come up empty? You thought God had you in a place to thrive and grow, but you are ready to call it quits. There has to be something better.


You don't need a new garden; you just need to learn how to dig! In Acres of Diamonds, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Jentezen Franklin helps you discover how you can gain the most out of where you are. Rather than give up and run toward better pastures when life gets difficult, you can seek and celebrate opportunities for growth and success right now.


With Pastor Jentezen's  counsel you will learn to make your plot of ground  fruitful. You will grow more, become more, do more. You will find joy in every opportunity as you uncover the hidden potential within your family, job, ministry and community. God has a perfect plan for you. Find it -- His very best -- right where you are.

Acres of Diamonds by Jentzen Franklin

SKU: 9780800798673
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